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Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

Bariatric Surgery Specialists facilitates weight loss surgery support groups in Houston, Dallas and surrounding areas. Support group topics include the following:

  • Weight loss Journey Journal
  • How many inches will I lose?
  • Tips on how to eat out healthy
  • Emotional issues discussion
  • Taste Testing and fun snack ideas
  • Self image vs. how the world sees you
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Pedometers-Daily goals and how to meet them
  • Coping with holiday eating after surgery
  • Holiday recipes
  • Head Hunger
  • Clothing Exchange
  • What is grazing?
  • Behavior changes for long term success
  • Weight loss surgery and the effects on the entire family
  • Breaking plateaus
  • Vitamins and Supplements…why they are so important
  • How to overcome poor family eating habits
  • Easy exercises to do at home
  • Importance of follow-up visits
  • Portion control
  • Changing old behaviors
  • BMI Calculator
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  • What does it cost?
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  • Quick help
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