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Bariatric Surgery Specialists Mission Statement

It is the expressed Mission of Bariatric Surgery Specialists to assist interested individuals in learning about weight-loss surgery and locating a program or surgeon in their area. It is also our Mission to provide a complete and comprehensive educational experience to all patients wishing to learn about the surgical treatment of morbid obesity from our program.

Further, it is our mission to provide a complete and comprehensive surgical experience for those patients who choose to proceed with surgery with our program. We achieve our mission by promising the following:

  • A responsive, supportive, qualified and compassionate staff
  • We offer a thorough and honest bariatric educational experience.
  • We follow a comprehensive Informed Patient Consent Process.
  • We will provide you with a Comprehensive medical evaluation and treatment plan for your success!
  • We are committed to a comprehensive after care program.
  • Being a “ patient friendly” Bariatric practice puts you first!
  • We believe in Accountability to "you" the patient.

You have our commitment to continuously improve our practice.

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