Laura's gastric
bypass story

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Laura's Story

Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients

I am one of a growing number in our American population that has taken my life back from morbid obesity. I am a 38 year old Latina female who began this journey on October 3, 2004. At the time I weighed in at 289 pounds. Two years later I am a much healthier 161 pounds!

I lost 128 pounds!

My goal is to be healthy, enjoy my children and hopefully live long enough to see my grandchildren.

I grew up healthy and athletic throughout high school. I married at the age of 19 and gained 55 pounds with my first child. I gained another 60 pounds with my second child and never lost the weight.

I tried everything; every fad diet, pill, working out, starvation, shots, you name it.

The most weight I was able to lose was 20 pounds but always gained it back and then some.

I was always outgoing and loved sports and dancing. I have a large group of friends that I love and enjoy. The big I have my health, added years to my life, and more confidence than ever before!

I was a teacher for 12 years and have recently changed careers to become a persona trainer with 24-hour Fitness. Several of m clients are gastric bypass and Lap-Band patients who are newly post-op. I feel like I can 'so' relate to their problems, fears as well as their accomplishments and personal endeavors.

I would just like to send a hear-felt 'thank you' to Dr. Marvin and his staff for their incredible care and guidance through my journey. BSS has given me my life back and I know now there is nothing I can't do!


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