Pat's gastric
bypass story

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Pat's Story

Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients

I was a practiced puppet in my patients' plastic world
Among those buxom beauties with their coiffures carefully curled

Their limbs were lithe and lipoed, Their lips were lushly lined
But their faces fit the mirror of that fickle fate called time

My mind could see the misery see the secrets still untold
And feel their fortunes fading given up to go for gold

Time was now transcended as my youthful years went by
My eyes were more insightful had I hidden in a lie?

While among the active, ageless could comparing take its toll
And as surgery stripped their layers did it somehow steal my soul?

I had gathered pounds around me protecting me from pain?
Hidden in my scrub suit I'd pretend I looked the same

But then I found the courage to start my life anew
I sighed up for the lap-band with Dr. Marvin's crew
They helped me lose some 80 pounds and pointed out the way
To keeping off the weight I'd lost and face a brand new day...

With love of self abounding with health and vigor now
With praise I salute you and to you I humbly bow

You helped me see the life I'd led and then dared to redefine
To finally start my life anew and quit making masks like mine

This process wasn't easy and at times was awfully hard
But I knew the deck had now been stacked with a STARTING OVER card!


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