Lisa's gastric
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Lisa's Story

Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients

I am 38 years old, I am 5 ft. 1 in. tall and I have had gastric bypass surgery on May 18, 2006 and I weighed 224 pounds when I started. It is now Nov. 18, 2006 and I weigh 155 pounds. I have lost a total of 69 pounds.

Through out my life I have tried dieting, using diet pills, doing Nutri-System, Atkins, etc. and for every 10-15 pounds I would loose I would gain 10-15 pounds more. I was bigger than when I was pregnant with the birth of my son. I've always had to watch my weight and stay on it, but the older you get the harder it is to maintain. I had just let myself go. I avoided functions, going to the store, going shopping etc. I didn't do anything. I was so miserable.

Me and my best friend Margie had talked about seeing all the programs on gastric bypass and the possibilities of it. So we started going to the seminars.

We went to Dr. Robert Marvin's seminar in Houston, Texas at the Obesity Surgery Specialist Center where they had video aides, brochures, and testimonials available. And after going to that I knew this was the right thing for my life. To regain what I had lost, MYSELF.

I lost my father the year before to heart and lung disease and my mother had heart surgery in July of 2006, this year, and I knew that I had to do something. I am the mirror image of my Mom and she has a bad hip, bad knee, bad cholesterol etc. I had to stop the cycle. Margie and I went to the seminar and listened and took notes and after talking to Angie Flores a patient and now employee for Dr. Marvin, that this was for us. She was so great in explaining the process, the good and the bad. Telling us what we needed to know to get better educated about good health. She told us that we could do this and we did......

I've went from a size 18/20 back to size 10. It feels great. I owe my life to Dr. Marvin, Angie Flores and his staff for giving me the tools that I needed to regain all that I had lost. The staff there are so supportive, all I have to do is pick up the phone and call or email and they are there. Terry answers all post-op calls and sets up your weigh-in appointments. Sonny is the best in nutrition and food advice. She gives us what we need to eat and be more healthy. How to make meals that are flavorful and better for you. Sharon is another Dr. there with Dr. Marvin who does our checkups and has encouraged us with our progress. Abigail has been a listening ear for every little thing that we need and Darlene had been so great with all our paper work for returning back to our jobs and our new lives.

With surgery and exercise program I am a healthier, happier, new me. My family support me and go to the gym with me so that I can be fit and healthy. Good nutrition, exercise and surgery all go hand in hand. The support group meetings are wonderful, they have taught me new recipes and new exercise techniques to use to maximize my goals with my weight loss.

Thanks again to Dr. Robert Marvin, Angie Flores and the entire staff and OBESITY SURGERY SPECIALIST CENTER in Houston, Texas. Thank you for giving me my life back and my self esteem and the power within myself to be all I can be. Thanks again.


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