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After Gastric bypass Surgery


Kenneth Brumley, a forty year old man from Spring, TX who weighed 1035 lbs., was confined to his bed for the last four years. Last April, his bed collapsed and in desperation he contacted a local news channel and Adult Protective Services pleading for help. Adult Protective Services found his health to be in jeopardy and due to a news broadcast at that time, contacted Renaissance Hospital and Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for help.

The fire department extricated Kenneth from his home by cutting down the walls in order to transport him to Renaissance Hospital. He underwent a series of bariatric and skin reduction surgeries along with appropriate nutrition and rehabilitation, under the care of Dr. Nowzradan. Kenneth has lost and incredible 500 pounds in the span of 10 months.

The safe medical management of this super morbidly obese patient is believed to be a “record” in the world. Kenneth is currently mobile with a wheel chair and is expected to be discharged within the next few days.

HOUSTON -- A man who weighed 1,035 pounds a few months ago, has now lost almost half his weight! This all thanks to a doctor who has given him his life back.

In April of last year, 40-year-old Kenneth Brumley was bedridden. He had been confined to bed for four years. He, literally, had to be cut out of his home in Spring, Texas.

Brumley was taken to Renaissance Hospital where he underwent a series of bariatric and skin reduction surgeries.

He has now lost 500 pounds and is able to get into a chair.

Brumley plans to get to the point where he can walk out of the hospital and he hopes it will be in no more than 6 months from now. But he knows this will take some work from his part. His first goal is to be able to stand and take steps.

Brumley does physical therapy on a daily basis.

He plans to get his life back on track by joining a church, getting involved in the community and even going back to school and work.

Brumley wants to be an inspiration to others and show them that you can overcome being morbidly obese.

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