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Brandon's Story



Brandon lost over 220 pounds after his gastric bypass surgery. Click here to see if we can help you qualify!

At 16 years old I weighed my heaviest. I was 420 pounds. I went through a two-year roller coaster ride trying to get approved for gastric bypass surgery. Most doctors didn't want to perform the surgery because of my age. Considering I was never allowed to ride on a real roller coaster, this was one that seemed like it would never stop.

With my failing health, I knew that every day my time was limited. Dr. Marvin and Bariatric Surgery Specialists changed my life in October 2004.

I had the surgery and the weight truly just melted away along with all my health problems.

I lost over 220 pounds in less than 2 years!

I dropped from a 56-inch waist to a size 34. Life is great. I am happy, healthy and starting college in the fall without a handicap parking space. I feel so blessed to have gone through this journey with the love and support of my family and the staff at BSS and Renaissance Hospital.

Now, thanks to the surgery, I am living a normal life. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful new life you have given me.

- Brandon








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